Best Halloween Decorations Ever

Now that we’ve got first-floor, street-facing double windows, I plan to do a lot of window display practice.  Since we just unpacked our last box today (woo hoo!) I think I’m a little late for Halloween, but next year I am definitely creating a set of creepy silhouettes a la Jeffery Rudell.  I just love how simple and ungaudy they are — not to mention inexpensive and recyclable!  I’m thinking of going with a Hannibal Lecter dinner scene (with a nice Chianti).

If you’d like to make something eeevil for the trick-or-treaters ringing your bell next week, Jeffery has a whole book of ideas and instructions that can help you pull it off in time.


Images courtesy of Jeffery Rudell

Soon it will be time to start thinking about holiday windows!  Can anyone share a link to ideas they’ve enjoyed in winters past?

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