A few months ago an editor from Conde Nast asked if they could borrow some Sweet Meats for a Vogue Japan fashion shoot. The only ones I have left are my own personal set, so I was a little nervous about sending them halfway around the world, but it’s Vogue Japan, so you know it’s going to be good. After boxing them up with huge, Sharpied return instructions on every layer of packing material, off they went.

I imagined some sort of Harajuku J-Pop spread, maybe set in a deli or a barn. What they sent back … Read more »


I wouldn’t blame you if you felt a little oogie about investing right now. In the past seven years, shady dealings done by banks, fund managers and even credit rating agencies left millions of us with no jobs, no savings, or sometimes, horrifyingly, with neither (and let’s not even discuss the debt). In the meantime, many of those same financial institutions have posted record profits while the rest of us continue to struggle.

So how do we get back on track? How can we work the system from within while changing things … Read more »

Did you know that you can get an automatic six-month extension on filing your taxes just by filling out a short form? You don’t even have to give a reason, you can just take six more months to do it. You still have to pay your taxes by April 15th of course (Uncle Sam doesn’t like waiting for his money), but since you pay quarterly anyway, that’s no big deal, and — 

Wait, you didn’t know that you have to pay quarterly estimated taxes as a small business?

Yes, federal and state income tax. Not sales tax, though. … Read more »

If you read my post back in May, you know that I applied to participate in Uppercase’s new illustration annual, Work/Life 3. You also know that I struggled with what I perceived as my own failure to deliver my best work, but I’ve since (mostly) made peace with it. As a wise friend pointed out, what’s important is to do the work and put it out there. It’s not important (or good for your creative practice) to


As I approach my final days of being two people, I thought it might be useful to share the words and actions that were most helpful and comforting to me during this time. Even if you never plan to have your own children, chances are you will be called upon to support a friend or a family member who does. Obviously, this is my list, and it doesn’t apply to every woman on earth (some women might want to hear your most horrific birth stories — I don’t), but hopefully this offers someplace to … Read more »

I had a really rough morning. I went to bed feeling ambivalent about a creative assignment I had just turned in, and sleeping on it didn’t seem to help. Distancing myself from the work for a few hours didn’t provide the clarity I was hoping for, and instead I awoke with that vague but panicky feeling that accompanies the submission of work I don’t count among my best.

Those of us who work in creative professions hope that our work will always continue to improve over time as we achieve new levels of skill, taste and practice. In general this is … Read more »