I’m working on a little notebook/bookmark side project and I’m trying to come up with a little icon for “time” that is easy to turn into a stencil/cut out of paper at about a 1 inch size. Which of these do you like the best?

series of clock icons


  1. They’re all good! It might make a difference to see them in context-so they match the rest of the design. It seems like the stopwatch might mean something different though. My one comment is maybe to make it a different time. I keep looking and my mind says L L L L. A generic clock time is ten to two or even 4 o’clock would be better.

  2. I second the one with feet! Could the third one really be a stencil? I think it might need some little supporting tabs to keep the inside from falling out.

  3. thanks for all the suggestions! I went with the one with feet in the end, and will try some cut-outs with the hands set to different times. You’ll see in my next post that they’re not really stencils, or at least, the clocks aren’t made up of just one stencil.

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