DIY Do: Tree Ring Wedding Wheel Invitation Templates

Wow, it must be wedding-planning season, because I’m starting to get a ton of e-mails again about our tree ring invitations.  Neither A. nor I really have the time (or inclination, if I’m going to be honest) to create so many similar sets of invites for clients so I spent most of today preparing these invites as downloadable templates for Photoshop and Illustrator.  They’re ready to go straight to the printer once you’ve entered in your own text, but they’re also fully editable so you can customize them as much or as little as you want.

The templates are up in the Burning House Etsy shop already, and I’ll be adding them to the regular Burning House shop in the next few days.  If you or someone you know has been coveting a set of these for their wedding, now you can create a unique set using your own text, fonts, colors and/or printers.  You could even DIY the whole thing from start to finish if you like.  Enjoy!


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Congratulations on your engagement! You can find the template here. It is fully customizable so you can change absolutely anything you want about it, including the picture on the front.


  2. Hi i love these invitations, exactly what i have been looking for are they still available?

  3. How did you have RSVP’s done? Did you include a separate response card of some type to have people send back to you? Is there a matching template to create response cards? What type of envelopes did you use to mail out the invitations?

  4. Julie: we did include separate RSVP cards that we printed ourselves. They had space to include your favorite family recipe, which we printed up as 4’ x 6’ cards and put in binders. Those recipe binders became our favors. I can post photos of both of these, but there is currently no template for the cards, since they don’t strictly “match” and I don’t think too many folks want a recipe section on them. 🙂 Any response card with the same font and/or color scheme would work, though.

    We mailed these in square envelopes from this site but we later discovered they would be less expensive to mail in a regular 8 1/2” x 11” rectangular envelope.

  5. Hi, I also love this invitation, is it possible to change the size to make it a bit smaller? Also, could we change the tree ring on the front to a plain background?

    Thank you!

  6. Kate: The invitation template in our Etsy shop is fully customizable, so you can change absolutely everything about it, including the size and tree ring background. Thanks!

  7. Thank you so much! I will plan on purchasing these. One more question, How did you cut the invitiation out? I’ve checked with a number of companies in my area and they have said they do not have tools to cut the circle shape.

  8. Kate: our invitations were so thick we had them die cut. Most letterpress printers can order you a custom die for this (the die lines are included in the template), but that can really add to the cost. Alternatively, there are online printers like psprint that have various size circle cutters already on-hand who can cut them for you. Or, if you’re going more the DIY route, and using paper rather than board, you can cut these out yourself with scissors or a craft circle cutter. The ones from Olfa or Martha Stewart are about $15 and can cut diameters as large as this invitation.

  9. Good Morning,

    I wanted to get a full price on these and how much/many there are!!!
    Please let me know ASAP. My wedding is in April of 2013

  10. Hi April,

    The template is available in our Etsy shop here: We don’t sell finished invitations since we have no printing or cutting equipment in the studio. The templates are completely editable and pre-press ready, so you can bring them to a local printer or print/cut/assemble them at home if you’re more the DIY type. Hope that helps!


  11. Hi, it is an awesome invitation, but how do you do the thing that holds it all in the center, do I need a special tool or something?


  12. Ours are held together with a 1/4” wooden plug in the front and a steel washer on the back in the same size. No tools needed other than your fingers. You just squeeze the washer over the back of the plug until it can’t go any further and that’s it! It doesn’t even require glue, which makes the whole thing clean, simple and totally recyclable (if someone were crazy enough to throw it out!). If your fingers get tired, you could always use a pair of pliers or two to do the squeezing, as long as you take care not to dent the front.

    We used super thick chipboard to make ours, but if you’re using regular cardstock or some other paper, you can also always go with a 1/4” grommet, which either you or your printer can insert. Hope that helps!


  13. Are the text boxes in the template three spaces off? I realize I can customize so it doesn’t matter too much what’s in the template but it seems off to have our names at the RSVP spot…

  14. Yes, the text inside the window matches the heading that the arrow points to at the bottom of the wheel. Some people prefer the heading to the right of the window, even though the text appears sideways there rather than upright. If that’s the case, the current position of the heading would appear to be “three spaces off,” but as you mentioned, the templates are fully editable, so you can choose any orientation you wish.

  15. No need for apologies! There’s a pretty even split between folks who read it one way vs. the other. That’s why we made it editable!

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