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Welcome to the Biz Miss Blog. This is the blog I wish were already out there and that someone else were writing.  I don’t have time for it, but it really needs to exist.  This is the blog that shares the journey, step by step, of transitioning from full-time employee to successful business owner as a twenty-something female. I am starting a design business, so a lot of what I write about will be fairly specific to designers, crafters, inventors and artists, but whenever possible I will try to include more general information and resources.

It fucking HARD to start a business on your own, especially if you are unconnected, young and female.  There are a lot of excellent resources and organizations for general advice but the answers to specific questions, such as “Where can I get wholesale fabric?” and “What are the safety and labeling requirements for decorative pillows?” are much harder to come by.  Most of the folks who are currently where you want to be are busy people who need to work hard to protect their designs and sources from competition.  If you are trying to turn your hand-silkscreened wedding invitations into a full-time business, your first instinct may be to ask advice of the friend-of-a-friend with the thriving custom card business.  But since the success of your business might compete directly with the success of hers (especially if you’re both in the same geographic area) this puts her in an awkward position when asked about things like how she packages her goods, who she hired for her web design and where she gets her wholesale card stock.

That’s where this blog comes in.  As I bumble my own way through the start-up gauntlet, I will attempt to document every question and answer I encounter along the way, without stepping on anyone else’s entrepreneurial toes.  I’m  trying to release three lines by January: a line of plush toys, a line of gift boxes (sort of — more on this later), and a line of baby-related graphics.  These projects will cover a lot of areas in both product and graphic design, and will hopefully be helpful to a lot of different people.

I don’t know how often I will post, but it will likely be almost daily, since I learn an enormous amount of new information almost every day.   A lot of what I write will be Bay Area-based but like I said before, I will also try to include more general information and resources whenever I can.

I’m just one woman, so if you have questions, resources to add, or suggestions for topics, please feel free to e-mail them or put them in a comment.  I will be moderating comments to filter out spam, so they might not appear right away.

Thanks for reading and contributing,

Lauren Fleischer

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