It’s Time to Get Things Started at Bay to Breakers 2009

This weekend the whole “family” got together to construct amazing muppet costumes and then parade around in them at Bay to Breakers 2009.  There were eleven of us total, so we got Dr. Teeth and the entire Electric Mayhem, in addition to some other favorite characters and even a Fraggle!  My photos of the actual event didn’t come out because I took them with my old camera, which appears to be broken somehow.  But I did get some okay shots of the Saturday craft-a-thon and my friend Helen got great shots of the day of.  Here’s a taste:

As with any new experience, I learned some interesting things this weekend, including:

  1. Men are babies when it comes to crafting, even the ones who are designers, engineers and architects (though not so much the two pictured above).  More than one guy threw a little tantrum and quit, and had to be soothed and cajoled into finishing his costume.  The rest complained vociferously about hot glue burns, fabric glue fumes and “impossible” fabric geometry.
  2. People love the muppets. They brighten people’s day and are hugely famous.  People were willing to go to amazing lengths to hug us and take photos with us, and tons of people offered us food and alcohol en route.  A few people talked to me as though Beaker were a real person and I was him, saying things like, “Remember that episode when you…?”  The Electric Mayhem even joined a number of real live bands we passed on the way, tripling the size of the audience almost instantaneously.
  3. Blood alcohol content and acting like a prick are directly proportional. The further we got along the race route, the drunker people were, which made them annoying, grabby and sometimes downright mean.  People tried to force me off the street to take photos, sprayed us with fruit juice, and tried to tear pieces off my costume.  But most horrendously, a guy wearing a huge strap-on shot white liquid out of it into the open mouth of an unsuspecting girl who was laughing with her friends. If anyone out there knows who he is, punch him in the face for me.  This is the kind of shit (in addition to littering/peeing on people’s front steps) that makes residents want to ban alcohol from the event.  I’m not sure I disagree anymore.

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