1. Hi Biz Miss,

    I am contemplating signing up for wireless payment processing with Thompson Merchant Services. How are you liking the service so far? Any problems?


  2. Hello Bizmiss,

    To answer your question a secure order page means that the page must have an active ssl encryption, 99% of web hosting companies can setup a secure certification as a part of your web hosting package. This secure page simply allows your customers to enter orders into the page securely and encrypted, minimizing the chance of the data being intercepted in any way. If you do not have a secure order page with your host Authorize.net can provide a secure order page for you as a part of their gateway with their “AIM” option. The only catch with this option is that your customer must be redirected to Authorize.net’s server to enter orders on their secure page (which is customizable), then be redirected back to your website after the order is complete. So if you want to keep customers on your site to enter orders then you will need secure order page, or if you go with the AIM option and have customers redirected from your site and back to your site Authorize.net can provide that for you. (www.nexcommerce.com)

    Ange feel free to email [email protected] with any questions and we’ll do our best to help you. You may also read more on http://www.thompsonmerchant.com or learn more on the merchant industry in general at http://www.merchantseek.com.

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