Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Lately I’ve been feeling like just a reflection of my environment.  All of my new ideas seem to already have been produced by someone in my demographic.  All of my current tastes seem to be shared by absolutely everyone I meet.  It can make a girl feel down sometimes, like I don’t have any original ideas or opinions.  I’ve just been duped by big business and popular culture into thinking that I’ve produced what I’ve only actually consumed.  But if my ideas and values are not my own, then what is?

I understand that this is partially unavoidable.  Shared experience and political/social/biological environments influence people in such a way that inevitably lead to a sort of collective consciousness, and that this in turn leads to cultural movements.  But growing up, I was the only girl I knew who could knit, sew, and reupholster furniture.  Now it seems like everyone I meet was that girl, too.  How is that possible?

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