New Beginnings

The holidays are like bomb. December is full of stress and frenzied preparation that builds and compresses until it finally explodes in shreds of wrapping paper and ribbon somewhere around the 25th.  Then everyone passes out with bad TV/bad food/bad alcohol for a week to try to correct the whole year’s sleep debt at once.

But I love January.  January is when we start to emerge, bleary-eyed, from the rubble of the past year.  For me, it’s when I trade pajamas for real pants, clean and purge my house and workspace, and take some time out to make long-range plans.  December is always so dominated by the tyranny of the urgent that every year I look forward to the time when I can step back and take stock of the bigger picture.  I haven’t laid it all out yet (that’s my plan for the long weekend), but here are some of my goals for 2011:

  • Continue to improve my income-to-work-hours ratio.  In other words, become more efficient.
  • Grow my portfolio at a faster rate than I did in 2010.
  • Grow my client list faster than I did in 2010.
  • Make the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs the best of its kind.
  • Devote more time to exercise and eating well (always a classic!).
  • Move to a new apartment/house.

What are your goals for the new year?  How do you like to unwind after the holiday madness is over?

Happy 2011 everyone!

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