New L.A. Area Craft Fair: Handmade Brigade

Here’s one for all you SoCal Biz Misses:

Handmade Brigade Craft Fair
Saturday, July 12th
Tall Mouse Arts and Crafts in Cerritos, CA

Application period: May 3rd-31st
Fee: $30, includes table and two chairs
Vendors notified by June 7th

This might be a good craft fair to apply to if you live within driving distance and you’ve never done one before.  You have very little money to spend up front and since it’s happening in a craft store, you’ll have a walk-in audience whether they knew about it or not.  I personally don’t know anything about the Tall Mouse stores, though, including how well equipped they are to host such an event. If you live in the area and are considering applying, I would go check out the Cerritos location and see how big it is, what the lighting is like, etc. They are ultimately accepting 30 vendors in that space.

It was difficult for me to find the application page (even though the entire web site is only three pages), so I’m linking to it here.  I didn’t realize you had to click on the little blinking advertisement because it only says “click for more info” on the fourth frame or so.

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  1. Tall Mouse has great stores only three of them but very nice staff and wonderful selection.

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