On-Demand Digital Fabric Printing

I’ve been meaning to put together a post of on-demand manufacturers for some time now, but it seems that True Up already took care of the fabric section.  She’s got a terrific chart comparing four of the most popular digital fabric printers on the web: Spoonflower, Karma Kraft, Fabric on Demand and Eye Candey.  The only problem is that this chart was created over a year ago.  Surely things have changed since then?  Anyone know of any new printers?  I wish it came in an updated annual version….


  1. I’m seeking information that may allow me entrance into the world of fabric design and I’m very hopeful that you can advise or assist me. Age 4, I began making paintings & sculpture which I still create. Presently age 75, in 1982 began painting scarves, shawls and wall hangings as well as shoes, luggage, purses, denim pants/jackets, furniture and anything else I felt good about painting but my heart and soul is wrapped around wearable accessories. My best teacher was “Uncle Skipper” who opened his world of abstraction, surrealism and primitivism which provided me the greatest playground for my inventive imagination then and now!!!

    Please explore my limited website and I would welcome an opportunity to present to you images of a few paintings and sculpture. May I add: there is something about the way you introduce yourself and approach the subject of your craft that compelled me to contact you. I hope we can become great friends!

    Thanks, John Choice

  2. Perhaps I should also reveal to you that despite having a computer (Mac g5) I lack certain skills (CAD, etc.) and if this is a requirement insofar as learning or working with you then I would understand if you find this a problem which would seriously impair a joint work experience for us!

    However it is my belief that I can overcome most obstacles and would welcome an opportunity to meet you!

  3. Hi John,

    This post was meant to showcase options for people who want to print their own fabric. I am not professionally involved in fabric design or printing in any way. I have only ever printed a yard or two for my own use in sewing projects. I’m sorry I can’t help you with your business.

    Best of luck,

  4. You might want to check out the Canadian based site called http://www.ArtOfWhere.com. They do seem to have a set up for customers to upload their own image patterns and order fabric (but not sell the patterns). I haven’t used them myself, so I do not know what they are like, but they are one of the few places that print fabric on demand that I have come across.

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