Parks for a Day 2008

This past Friday was the 4th annual international Park(ing) Day.  Park(ing) Day was started in 2005 by San Francisco art collective Rebar, and has become increasingly popular ever since.  Ten merchants in Hayes Valley signed up to do it but I only saw five parks (and one neighborhood-wide installation).  The parks were heavily used during the lunchtime hours, and I think if more merchants participated, the neighborhood could become a real destination for this event (though people would have to take the bus!).

Propeller Modern created this little oasis, which people took full advantage of during lunchtime.  Those bright green bicycle parts were part of an installation through the Reaves Gallery.

For those without a lunch, Honey Ryder made snacks and lemonade available.

Zonal put a piece of public park in their park,

while True Sake’s park was the art.

Momi Toby’s liked the extra outdoor seating so much, they kept their park all weekend.

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