Birdhouse Bling

Wooden birdhouse, cotton rope, self-adhesive rhinestones, approx. 4 1/2” x 3 1/4” x 2 3/4”

We’ve been trying to buy a house for the last nine months, so I’ve had real estate on the brain.  This is one project I felt compelled to do after seeing wooden birdhouses in the 99 cents bin at Jo Ann Fabric.  I photographed it with a fake bird and one of Elvis’ manzanita perches.

I had been saving some stick-on rhinestones from my xmas stocking for just such a project, but I needed to get a whole lot more to cover the entire house.  The most cost effective self-adhesive stones I could find were from Darice. They have a foam sticker on the back, which I don’t like because it raises the rhinestones off their base by about a millimeter, but it also allowed the other stones some wiggle room when they didn’t fit quite accurately into the mosaic.

Just to the right of the small opening you can see how I snuck an orange teardrop stone underneath the corner of a green square.  This was helpful since the holes turned out to be about 1/8” off center and I wanted to use a symmetrical design.

I started with the designs around the openings, then filled in the gaps until I got to the edge.

I did all of the walls first, then moved on to the eaves, the roof, and finally, the foundation.

I did a different roof design for the right and left sides, to give a potential art director more than one option.

I hope to do a similar project with smaller, throw away objects like bottlecaps, but as this study proved, I will need much smaller rhinestones for the shape to translate.

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