Bold Burrito

Approx. 4’ x 2’ dia. Foam structure with poly velour, acrylic felt, silver lamé, merino yarn, fiberglass screen mesh, poly fiberfill stuffing, interfacing, poly and nylon thread, cotton muslin lining, cotton straps, stainless steel snaps, spray paint, fabric paint.  Commissioned for a video series by The Bold Italic.


Some close-ups of the “fillings”:

And here he is around town in San Francisco (photos courtesy and ©2012 The Bold Italic):


  1. I saw it on here and really really wanted to wear it for Halloween and then I saw I couldn’t get it anywhere so where can I get this??

  2. @Kilyn: Thank you for your interest! I’m sorry to say that this was a one-time commission for a San Francisco magazine, The Bold Italic. I’m not sure if they still have the costume but I unfortunately no longer have the time or space to take on commissions like this. If you’re the crafty type I can tell you that this was made from simple materials from the fabric and hardware store — a large sheet of upholstery foam, which I covered with off-white fabric and silver lame, felt cut and sewn into various simple shapes, more foam roughly cut into chunks and spray painted and two sheets of plastic window screening for the face hole. It took some time and a little experimentation but the construction isn’t very technically difficult. Happy to answer more specific questions if you have them!

  3. How did you make the cheese? I figured out everything else but not that part lol. My 5 yr old wants to be a burrito.

  4. The cheese/rice was made by folding a thin piece of yellow felt in half lengthwise and then sewing along the edge to make it into a thin tube. I turned it right side out with a bias turner and then snipped it into pieces. I wasn’t too concerned about them coming apart because they all get glued down anyway. Hope that helps! — Lauren

  5. How did you secure the toppings? We’re they hot glued? And what did you secure them to? Cardboard? “Bowl” of fabric?

  6. Yes, they were secured to a “bowl” of fabric. 🙂 The larger things were sewn on, but the weensy stuff, like the rice/cheese, pico de gallo, and guacamole were glued with Fabric Tac.

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