Cash Cow

Acrylic felt and polyester fiberfill stuffing made from post-consumer recycled plastic, polyester thread, wool needlepoint yarn, inkjet print on cardstock.  Measures approx. 13” x 8” x 5”.

“Cash Cow” was created for the Plush You! show at Munky King gallery in Los Angeles.  It uses research I completed on the hidden costs of factory farming for the “Stuffed Full“  installation at the Society for Contemporary Craft.  Each cost was broken down per pound of beef consumed in the United States and embroidered on the cow in the style of a classic butchering diagram.  I printed a small placard to accompany the piece and explain the costs, which include the public health cost of foodborne illness, the cost to taxpayers for environmental clean-up of livestock manure, and direct government subsidies, among others.  Fully cited research documentation is available.

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