Recycled Consumer Card Wreath

Plastic consumer cards, steel wire, metal wreath form.  Measures approx. 16” dia.

This wreath was created for a commission by the Hayes Valley Merchants Association for their “Circle of Joy” Holiday Wreath Auction and Benefit.  It was made entirely from cut-up consumer cards such as credit cards, membership/discount cards, and gift cards, attached to a 14” wire wreath form with steel wire. I have long been averse to the over-commercialization and waste that surround the holidays, so I wanted to take some of that waste and turn it into something beautiful that was more in line with the spirit of the Hayes Valley benefit.

This wreath was made from hundreds of individual pieces.  Each piece of plastic had two small holes melted into it, through which was threaded a length of steel wire.  5-9 pieces of plastic make up each leaf or flower.  The wreath contains three red flowers, three gold flowers, and 28 green leaves.

The wreaths were exhibited in Hayes Valley businesses for two weeks before they were auctioned off at the annual block party.  All proceeds benefited local children’s charities.

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