Segment—Marketing Design


Segment logomark:

Segment is a customer data platform. Companies use Segment to collect all of their customer data and send it to the marketing and analytics tools they use. Tons of data is transformed and routed through Segment every second of every day.

Segment needed a logomark that captured that sense of non-stop movement and transformation of data. It needed to reference the idea of both a central hub and a set of underlying pipes through which data is constantly flowing. And, of course, it needed to be simple, impactful, unique, appropriate and timeless.

This is the final concept we chose — it not only meets all of the criteria, it also contains the letter S within the negative space. My favorite part? If you cock your head to the left just slightly, it smiles at you. 🙂



As part of this project I also directed a looping animation of the logo for use in bumpers and loading screens.



A couple of other formats:




A concept direction that helped inspire the final design:


Sketches and storyboards for other animated logo transformations:



Segment Customer Stories

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An early wireframe: