Segment—Product Design


Frictionless Signup

An interactive web demo that lets you see how a frictionless signup form works with Segment and Clearbit. Try for yourself at


As part of this project I also directed an animation to help explain what’s happening behind the scenes of a frictionless signup form.


Here is a storyboard for that animation:



App Size Calculator

An interactive web application that lets you search for any of the top apps in the iOS store and returns the size of the app plus a report detailing which files make up the bulk of that size. You can try it out for yourself at

Search page:


Report page (excerpt):


Here is an excerpt of an early version of the experience:

There appeared to be some issues with comprehension and navigation so I did some internal usability testing with Segment engineers. The general consensus was that the information the tool provides is incredibly cool and useful to an app developer, but they were extremely likely to bounce before discovering that. In other words, if it was recommended by a trusted friend you might take the time to figure it out but if you arrived via a marketing channel (press, social media, advertising, etc.)


As part of this project I also researched and designed an accompanying infographic: