Rug Roundup

A. and I bought an apartment last month!  It’s bigger than our last place, but also colder and darker, so we need to purchase a lot of essentials to get it ready, like light fixtures and rugs.  This week I went a little crazy looking at rugs in particular.  I need to organize them in one place in order make a decision, so forgive me while I go a little lifestyle-blogger here.  If you’re also shopping for a modern, graphic rug, you’re welcome!  I just did all the hard work for you.  But mind the date-stamp on this post.  In six months probably none of these rugs will still be available, though the shops they link to might have something similar.  Enjoy!

Clockwise from top left (prices listed for approx. 5’ x 8’ size): Momeni Tempo ($778.99) — great for a kids’ room when they’re too old for this one, Dwell Studio Draper Stripe ($250), Dwell Studio Loop Texture Dove ($550), Normann Copenhagen Dahlia ($1004), Angela Adams Nectar ($750), nuLOOM Magnifique Chevron ($276.23), Angela Adams Birds of Paradise ($750), Z Gallerie Ombre ($399.95), Thomas Paul Tree ($876)

Once again, clockwise from top left (prices listed for approx. 5’ x 8’ size): Bev Hisey Anise ($?), Gandia Blasco Lepark ($2,225), Bev Hisey Moroccan ($?), Sara Schneidman Green Contemporary ($3,050), Peace Industries Norooz ($1,680), Ralph Lauren Cameron Stripe ($805), Second Studio The Ocean ($2,066), Urban Outfitters Floral Stripe ($68), Peace Industries Fuller ($1,680)

Good lord, how does Grace Bonney do it?  I’m exhausted already.  Anyway, last time, clockwise from the top left, yada yada: Madeline Weinrib Breeze Denim ($1,250), Madeline Weinrib Blue Lulu ($925), Madeline Weinrib Dusty Blue Adam ($4,500), Bev Hisey Spun runner($?), notNeutral Links runner ($270), Second Studio Cubizzmo ($1,887), Second Studio Cassady ($1,887),

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