San Francisco Small Business Week Begins Today

Today is the first day of San Francisco’s second annual Small Business Week. As a truly microscopic business, I can’t actually afford to participate in a lot of this week’s events but there’s even some stuff for gals like me.

For example, this Saturday, May 17th, is the Citywide Sidewalk Sale. If your business is located in any of these neighborhoods, you can set yourself up a little table on the sidewalk for selling/promoting your business without having to go through the usual complicated and expensive permit rigmarole. The only thing to watch out for is that you don’t set up your stuff on another business’s property without their permission. The president of my neighborhood’s merchant association said I could park my stuff in front of his vintage furniture store so that’s where I’ll be.

I’m also really interested in the free seminar called “Buying Commercial Real Estate 101,” not because I am in any position to afford a building but because I dream of owning a bowling alley one day.

If you haven’t written a business plan yet, even if you’re already in business, I would recommend SCORE’s “Writing Effective Business Plans” workshop tomorrow. They’ve discounted the cost to $30 for the whole day (so cheap!).

There are lots of other little talks and workshops going on as well, with some of the main focus areas being green business and restaurants. Just look through the calendar on the web site for more info.

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