The next stop on the Custom Yoka Show tour by DKE Toys is the Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland, OR.  From May 26th-June 26th, you’ll be able to view this little guy and his tiny, ursine cousins.  For purchase information, please contact the gallery directly.

Leonardo the Octopus, my very first Deep Creep, will be making his debut in the Bazaar Bizarre pavilion at the Bay Area Maker Faire.  The Maker Faire takes place at the San Mateo Fairgrounds next Saturday and Sunday, May 21st-22nd.  If you’ve never been to the Maker Faire before, grab your friends and/or your kids and make a day of it.  Never will you see so much human creativity, ingenuity and fun in one place.

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It was nearly impossible for me to join a merchants’ association. This is because even though I am technically a neighborhood merchant, I don’t have a storefront. On the one hand, this makes a lot of sense. I doesn’t do anyone any good for me to put up posters in my window, wrap ribbons and lights around my tree for the holidays, or host a band during the neighborhood block party. My address can’t appear on the neighborhood shopping map, and I don’t need to talk with our neighborhood beat officers about that persistent shoplifter.

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