Glad to know I’m not the only person making ridiculously intricate patterns with tiny stickers. Makes me feel like my work just slid one notch further from “certifiably insane” and closer to “merely eccentric.”  via Heather Mann’s great new site, Decor Hacks.








Mrs. Grossman’s stickers on plywood.  Sealed with acrylic polymer emulsion. 24” x 24”

Mrs. Grossman’s stickers on basswood and plywood. … Read more »

On New Year’s Eve I drank more spirits than was comfortable, all in the wrong order.  Then I piled about a pound of shellfish and butter on top. It was delicious at the time, and I felt delightfully “spinny,” but later I felt uncomfortable enough that I woke up early on New Year’s Day.  Needless to say I did not leave the couch, or my pajamas.

I wasn’t in a state to do much more than recover, but I’m trying to ramp up the Thing-A-Day commitment in 2010.  Most of the rules remain the same with a … Read more »

Last week A. and I got back from our week-long Caribbean Cruise with Sweet Travel.  It wasn’t the ideal trip since both of us had to work, but it was still a lot of fun and we hung out with four of the most amazing women you’ll ever meet.  Also, the comedy shows were really great — Erin Foley and Sandra Valls were my favorites.

I mostly worked on my sticker mandalas while we were on the boat.  I didn’t have time to make all my own stickers, so I just … Read more »

Sorry my posts have been so sporadic lately. In addition to prepping for holiday sales, I’ve got two art shows coming up in November that I haven’t finished the work for yet. I’m working with sort of childhood theme — lots of bright colors and repetitive geometry — and I’ve done a couple of studies, but no finished pieces yet.

The first piece I’m working on is a custom Yoka vinyl toy for a show at DesignerCon on November 21st. A Yoka is a cute, jointed, vinyl toy bear. Mine is only 3” high…. Read more »