Thing-A-Day 4: Monograms

I’ve been working on a lot of logos with initials today.  I’ve been working on logo-type monograms of my own initials, and also a logo for a conference.  Here are my favorite examples of each as of right now:

Now, of course, I think I’m going to go in a completely different direction.  Type is definitely my achilles’ heel.

Today’s inspiration and tutorial come from Jessica Hische, who has a great little cheat sheet on ways to get creative with letterforms.

Today’s instruction is: create a monogram or logo out of initials using any material you want to.

Worth Its Weight: Top Ten Typography Mistakes

Maybe it’s because I just saw that “Helvetica” movie, but I thought I should share this with you: Brian Hoff’s “10 Common Typography Mistakes.” This is a great primer for anyone DIY-ing the design of their own marketing materials.  Even if you have no professional design training, using these tips will get halfway to having a professional-looking brochure or web site. via swissmiss


Sketchbook: Bacon Newsletter

Spent my day hand-sewing dog squeakers into 48 plush toys then dealing with UPS (see prevous post).  Not ideal.  But I also managed to finish this image for my newsletter announcing the Shapin’ Bacon to the world.

sweet meats shapin' bacon plush newsletter
sweet meats shapin' bacon plush newsletter

Using a very limited font collection and breaking TONS of typography rules, I tried my best to imitate this California Gold Rush pamphlet I found with Google images:

As soon as I finish entering the hundreds of new subscribers I picked up during fair season, this baby will be good to go.