The Great Purge

Happy New Year, everyone!  It’s almost noon here in Cali, and though I’m feeling a little worse for the wear, I’m also excited to begin a new year.  Being Jewish, I get to experience this excitement twice a year — at Rosh Hashanah, which I use as a time to reflect on my personal life and relationships, and on January 1st, as a time to reflect on my business, and other practical matters.

One of my favorite New Year’s traditions is The Great Purge.  Every year my husband and I go through the house, room by room, and take everything out of every drawer, closet and container.  We give/throw away what we no longer need, and clean and reorganize what we do need.

This tradition was born from Christmas.  We always finished up the holidays with bags of unwanted or duplicate gifts, and the gifts we wanted to keep, we didn’t have room for.  It therefore became necessary to purge the old to make way for the new.  Every year it seemed like we would be able to part with fewer and fewer of our carefully curated possessions, but in fact we end up with about the same amount of free shelf space every time.

The Great Purge is extremely therapeutic.  Every box we take to Goodwill feels like a great weight has been lifted.  Uncluttering my work and living space makes my mind feel similarly uncluttered.  I feel less stressed and sleep better at night.  I’m also able to work on larger goals without all the little stuff to get in my way.  With my house, files, and finances all perfectly in order, I feel ready and eager to tackle the year ahead.  After all, nothing inspires like a blank page.

Want to perform your own Great Purge?  The following resources can help you get started:

Good luck and happy purging!

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  1. Purging house clutter is always good to do! My in-laws really need the book I just finished reading and I’m seriously contemplating on lending it to them, but i really don’t want to offend them.
    The book is called Your Spacious Self, by Stephanie Bennett Vogt. I have to make sure they know its for the organized bunch too. They have so much clutter it’s almost impossible to walk around their house. They bought a new house and lived there for over a year now and 50% of the house is still boxes! They just have 55 years of stuff plus 4 boys stuff so yes they have a lot!
    I think I’ll bring it over and say “look what your son bought ME” and just tell them all the good points I’ve learned, they would read it and hopefully de-clutter that house!

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