Thing-A-Day 10: Fixer-Upper

Today was a long day.  I attempted to print those Tanks! cards tonight, but the screen burned badly because I apparently didn’t leave enough buffer room around the edge of the image.  The entire top row of tanks didn’t register at all and a couple of the ones on the sides got partially cut off.

While adjusting the image some more, I noticed that the spacing between tanks was off in some places, so I fixed those, too.  I also discovered that my inks print much darker on this new brown bag stock, so tomorrow I’ll pick up a lighter blue ink and re-copy the image.

In the end it was good that the screen was messed up, because it allowed me to fix a number of tiny things that will take these cards from being 99% awesome to 100% awesome.

In light of today’s experience, thing-a-day instruction #10 is: make one or two tiny changes to a good finished project that will make it a great finished project.

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