Thing-A-Day 5: Food Stencils

Last night A. made mint chocolate brownies and they were delicious.  I wanted to somehow indicate that they were not just regular brownies, so I thought I’d make a little mint leaf stencil and dust through it with powdered sugar.  Well, the stencil came out looking more like a feather

and I forgot to dust it with sifted powdered sugar, so it didn’t really work, but this is how I learn to remember such things in the future.  “Tuition in the school of life,” as my mother likes to say.  It was still yummy.

Today’s instruction: make a stencil and decorate a piece of food with it.  Your inspiration and tutorial for today come from Jessica at How About Orange, who shows you how to make a reusable (and dishwasher safe) food/coffee stencil.  Enjoy!

Tip: it is easiest to stencil smooth surfaces, so there’s no space for your powder to get under the stencil. In my case that meant stenciling the bottom of the brownie rather than the top, which was quite lumpy.

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