Thing-A-Day: Birthday Bot

I know I’ve already made a few of these, but there’s something so irresistibly fun about turning gift wrap into its own little work of art.  I made this Birthday Bot for our friend Paul, who is really into robots.  And no, he’s not five, he’s thirty, but this gift was presented at a party with the theme “It’s Your 5th Birthday!” The party included balloon animals (I made a snail hat! awesome!), dinosaur tattoos, and a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey in which everyone missed the donkey’s butt but managed to collectively and blindly create the longest inappropriate fixture I have ever seen at a children’s party.

To make Birthday Bot I wrapped a huge encyclopedia of beers (Paul is a brewer) in mylar wrapping paper, inside out.  The wrapping has a really pretty print on it (from which I cut B.B.’s eyes), but I thought plain silver would be more appropriate for this project.  The mouth was made from Mrs. Grossman’s stickers I had leftover from my first mandala projects, and his arms are made from cut and folded cardstock.  The antenna thing that is holding the CD envelope is one half of a broken tape dispenser I had sitting on my desk.  The “Robotophant” is a sticker from Neon Monster.  Paul also loves Neon Monster.

As it turns out, what Paul loves more than anything is opening presents, so Birthday Bot didn’t last more than 30 seconds after he got to the party.  Happy 5th birthday!

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