Thing-A-Day: Knitting

Knitting is one of the most relaxing ways I am able to accomplish making a-thing-a-day.  It’s quietly repetitive, which is very meditative for me.  It’s also relatively stress-free, because as long as you follow the pattern (and the pattern is good), you know exactly what your finished piece will look like before you’ve even started.  The potential for failure or unmet expectations is extremely minimal.

If you like to knit, too, you might enjoy some of these patterns that I have used in the past month (free ravelry membership required for some):

“Owls” sweater by Kate Davies.  Free pattern from Needled.

“Sally” fingerless gloves from Getting Purly With It.  $6 pattern available through Ravelry.  I’m wearing these right now as I type!  The awesome brass lion buttons came from my grandma’s old button box.

Greenleaf Baby Hat by Evelyn Uyemura.  Free pattern on her web site.  This one is going to a newborn in Paris!

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  1. Great job on the Sally Gloves! And the buttons… LOVE the buttons!

    Thanks so much for purchasing the Sally Glove pattern, I really do appreciate that 🙂

    Happy knitting…

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