About four years ago I started this generic travel illustration (pardon my scanner, which is total shite).  It depicts the fictional island nation of “Travalin,” complete with disgustingly adorable destinations like the “Memoriviera,” the “Ghettiway” region and “Mt. Delycius” located in the “Gormay Mountains.”  After completing the cutesy place names I had no desire to actually finish the coastline, so I put the project away indefinitely.

A few weeks ago I pulled the piece back out and gave it a hard look.  The shape of the island was a non-descript ovalish form, communicating nothing other than its being an island.  In a fit of inspiration, I pulled the whole collage off its backing and cut it apart to be reassembled into the shape of an airplane, (an international symbol for travel!) but it still doesn’t salvage this piece as an illustration.  The airplane shape is based off of a three-quarter view, which resulted in some foreshortening that makes it look more like a shark.  The place names are also still too small to read effectively, so there’s no publication/medium where this would be useful.  Still, it’s nice to have it finished and put away, and when your only stakes are practice, every failure is also a success.  So, success!  I declare it, take my ball and go home.

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