WonderCon 2011

While last year I also spent most of WonderCon weekend behind my “small press” table, this year I was tasked with taking some photos for RottenTomatoes.com.

As is the case at all “cons,” the highlight is the attendees who come in costume (if I change the name to “Creative Entrepreneur Con,” do you think I can get people to come to CCE in costume?).  Below are a few of my favorite WonderCon things:

People who really sell it

Although I have to give props to Leah for trying to exude some major Carrie Fisher ‘tude, the clear winner here is definitely Lando Calrissian.  Look at that Billy Dee Williams point-and-smirk!  Classic.

Spidey really wanted to look good for the camera.  He took off his backpack and shoes for maximum authenticity, and then gave me multiple amazing and spiderrific poses.

Enthusiastic children

How psyched are these kids to be wearing their Halloween costumes in April? In public?!

Almost as psyched as this kid is to be eaten by the Alien.  Why are Leather-Spidey and Batman ignoring this perilous situation?

Non-human characters

Not to continue to harp on the awesomeness of the Alien, but he just roared so hard it blurred this guy’s face off!

I love love love R2.  He rolls around the hall all day, bleeping and blooping sweet nothings and hugging children armlessly.

DIY Amazingness

I’m not sure who this character is, though I want to say it’s the evil slave lord from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  But check out his awesome skull hat — he made that himself with tinfoil and model magic.  Tin foil!  I wonder if he got the heart from I Heart Guts, who also had a booth.

Group costumes

Picture Day aboard the Death Star:  “Okay now, troopers to the right, officers to the left…yes…now everyone remove your helmets and say ‘Hail Vader!’ Wonderful! That one’s going on the company web site.”

I have no idea who these insect-guys are, nor why they’re traveling with a 60s flight attendant, but they sure make for an intriguing tableau as they buzz by.  They remind me a little bit of Arthur the Moth from The Tick.


  1. In the last pic there, that’s Dr. Girlfriend and the Mighty Monarch’s Henchmen. They’re from one of my favorite cartoons, “The Venture Brothers”.

  2. Thank you! I’ve been meaning to check out The Venture Brothers for some time. I guess I’d better get on it. I’m obviously missing a large piece of cultural knowledge here.

  3. Thank you for the pictures of the ALIEN costume!!! This is all custom made also!! If you were there on Sunday I was also Buzz Lightyear!!

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