Worth Its Weight: RetailMeNot

My photography instructor pointed my classmates and I to retailmenot.com so we could find good deals on online book publishing, at sites like blurb.com, lulu.com and mypublisher.com.  But there are coupon codes for thousands of online stores at this website, along with the posted success rates of shoppers who tried to use them.  It’s like signing up for every major company’s promotional e-mails, only without all of the inbox-clogging spam.  Sweet!


  1. Great, but my favorite is http://couponyeah.com 😉
    They have latest coupon codes, promo codes from about 5000 online stores. Their web design is a bit simple, but they got the job done. I’ve been saving a lot of money ever since I found this site. 
    Check it out for yourself and don’t forget to thank me. 🙂

  2. umm…yeah…I tried this one with a few companies and it’s not as good as retailmenot. Not even close. Thanks but no thanks.

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