Up and Away (Barn Swallows)

I finally got a decent photo (after some editing).  The finished piece is 13” x 18” with white drawing paper on top and heavy red Canson paper underneath.  I drew the design in Adobe llustrator after looking at several photos of barns and swallows online, then printed it very lightly onto the drawing paper and made the cuts with an Xacto knife.  I’m also going to edit the design a bit and turn it into two-color printed cards.


Things I Wish I Made: 3-D Papercuts

It’s been another frustrating photography week.  I made a 3-D papercut of sorts and I’ve been trying to photograph it under even light, but to no avail.  One side of the paper ends up being much darker than the other, or there’s a halo of brightness within four dark corners — it’s bad.  This afternoon A. will help me photograph it outdoors.  It’s been pretty windy lately, so we’ll see if he can hold a reflector steady….

Anyway, since I can’t show you what I made, I wanted to share a few (well-photographed) 3-D papercuts other folks have made.  I’m seriously jealous of the talent and patience of some of these artists:

Peter Callesen

I first saw his work in the book Illustration Play by Victionary.  I love the way many of his pieces are both two- and three-dimensional.  This one is called “Alive but Dead.”


Helen Musselwhite

I like the way Helen is equally adept at both monochromatic and vibrantly colored scenes.  She does great layering.

Michael Veliquette

His work reminds me of a fun house or an evil clown — unending menace in neon colors.


She’s not strictly a paper artist, but I thought her tutorial for these paper butterflies was great.  I flinched at her suggestion to embellish this project with text or glitter, though.  Please don’t gild the lily!