The Big One: Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker Mandala

After making a few smaller 6” x 6” sticker mandalas over the holidays last year, the Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Company sent me about 8 pounds of stickers and a commission for a big piece to put in their factory store in Petaluma. Last week I finally completed the sucker (which is two feet across!), but it still needs some finishing touches. I’m missing a couple of stickers in the bottom quadrant that need to be filled in, and then I need to erase the guidelines and varnish everything so it’s protected from dust, moisture and UV. At that point I’ll reshoot it and stick in the portfolio section for good.

In the meantime I’m working on several really exciting plush projects that will be on display at ComicCon at the end of the month. Preview photos next week!


  1. Lauren,

    I am in love with your sticker mandalas! They are visually stunning and bring out delightful feelings of nostalgia. I had forgotten about Mrs. Grossman’s stickers until I stumbled on your blog. Mrs. Grossman should make kaledoscopes with their stickers-wouldn’t that be fabulous?

  2. this looks awesome! your precision is ridiculous, can’t wait to see this thing in person!

  3. Wow!!! It’s fantastic! I would never have dreamed using stickers in that fashion, which is why you are a creative genius of course! 🙂

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